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  • Krueger, Ted (2019-03-05)
    The School of Architecture & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Ace, the Shack and a Dumpster” by Architect Ted Krueger. Ted Krueger holds a PhD in Architecture from RMIT University in Australia and a professional ...
  • Unknown author (2019-03-01)
    Gender equality is a critical issue – now more than ever. It is embodied in United Nations Sustainable Development. Goals as well as global movements such as #MeToo and others who are working to end inequalities, promoting ...
  • Abu Moghli, Mai (2019-03-01)
    The Department of Education at LAU is hosting a lecture titled: “Reclaiming Human Rights Education: The Case of the Occupied West Bank” by Dr. Mai Abu Moghli. Abstract: For practitioners and educators who work in the ...
  • Heard, Karen (2019-03-01)
    The Department of Art & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Mapping Creativity: The Journey of an Idea” by Karen Heard. In this lecture, London College of Fashion academic, Karen Heard, will explore how ideas evolve ...
  • Snyder, Sarah B. (2019-03-01)
    The Department of Social Sciences is hosting a book talk and discussion with Professor Sarah B. Snyder, American University in Washington, DC, on her recently published book: “From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists ...
  • Unknown author (2019-02-07)
    The School of Architecture & Design is hosting its keynote lecture titled: “The Second Digital Turn: Discretism, Artificial Intelligence, and Design” by Mario Carpo. Digitally intelligent architecture no longer looks ...
  • Makhzoumi, Fouad (2019-02-07)
    The LAU School of Engineering, in partnership with the Society of Petroleum Engineers-LAU Student Chapter, is hosting a panel discussion titled: “The Promising Sector of Oil & Gas in Lebanon”. Panelists will discuss ...
  • Unknown author (2019-02-07)
    The Continuing Education Program (CEP) at LAU is hosting a panel discussion on “The Role of NGOs in the Implementation of the UN’s Agenda for Sustainable Development”. In the summer of 2018, Lebanon presented its First ...
  • Hamoui, Omar (2019-02-07)
    This lecture is an evidence-based discussion that will guide people, young and old, on do's and don'ts to lead a long healthy life.
  • Maalouf, Joe (2019-02-07)
    Awarness event
  • Crisafulli, Edoardo (2019-01-10)
    This lecture will focus on the ideological appropriation of Dante’s Comedy – one of the greatest works of the Western literary canon, according to the American critic Harold Bloom – in nineteenth-century Britain. The British ...
  • Unknown author (2019-01-03)
    The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World - IWSAW at LAU and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia - ESCWA are hosting a roundtable discussion titled: “Fighting Gender-Based Discrimination ...
  • Baker, Mona; Bazzi, Samia; Inghilleri, Moira; Harding, Sue-Ann (2018-12-21)
    The two-day event includes lectures, roundtable discussion, workshops, and poster presentations.
  • Unknown author (2018-11-30)
    Join us in the Computer Science Panel Discussion to learn more about: Skills needed in the Computer Science field. Career paths in Lebanon and the region. Reality of the job market: Positions, salaries, promotions, ...
  • Abbas, Mohamad (2018-11-28)
  • Tawil, Nada (2018-11-28)
    Talk by Ms. Nada Tawil head of group communication at Bybos Bank.
  • Maes, David (2018-11-28)
    The Department of Art & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “What Is a Portrait?” by David Maes. Originally from Montreal, David Maes has been living in Europe since 1987. Although he started his creative life as a ...
  • Dalloul, Tarek; Yunis, Manal; Jalloul, Ghinwa (2018-11-28)
    Topics to be covered: Skills needed in the field of ITM Career paths in Lebanon and the region Reality of the job market: Positions, salaries, promotions, etc. Increasing your potential of finding a job after ...
  • Chebaro, Houssam; Safi, Dany; Haddad, Ziad; Tohme, Ziad (2018-11-28)
  • Bou Maroun, Sarah; Obeid, Hiba (2018-11-26)

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