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  • Chebaro, Houssam; Safi, Dany; Haddad, Ziad; Tohme, Ziad (2018-11-28)
  • El Masri, Tarek (2019-03-26)
    The Finance & Accounting Department cordially invites you to a presentation by Assistant Professor of Accounting Dr. Tarek El Masri.
  • Unknown author (2018-11-12)
  • Kassab, Fady (2018-10-31)
    The Department of Art & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Design and Automate Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns” by Fady Kassab. The lecture will discuss how to plan, design, and deploy campaigns to create real ...
  • Dakakni, Deema (2019-03-26)
    The Department of English at LAU is hosting a lecture titled: “Digital Screens and Tablets: What Your Parents Didn’t Know and Your Teachers Didn’t Tell You” by Deema Dakakni. Abstract As university instructors, ...
  • Unknown author (2019-07-16)
    The Department of Communication Arts is organizing a lecture by prominent Egyptian journalist and entrepreneur Emad Eldin Adeeb on public speaking. The event is open to the public.
  • Dimashkieh, Nadim; Sleiman, Leila (2018-11-01)
    EY recruitment session is led by Mr. Nadim Dimashkieh (Partner) and MS. Leila Sleiman (Campus recruitment lead). Come to learn more about internships and job opportunities at EY.
  • Career Guidance Office (2018-11-02)
    Topics to be covered: Skills needed in the Nutrition field. Career paths in Lebanon and the region. Reality of the job market: Positions, salaries, promotions, etc. Increasing your potential of finding a job after ...
  • Padgett, Laura (2018-10-31)
    The Foundation Program at the School of Architecture & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Forming Content: Divisions, Disruptions, and Expectations” by Laura Padgett. What interests us about images or objects? Is it ...
  • Snyder, Sarah B. (2019-03-01)
    The Department of Social Sciences is hosting a book talk and discussion with Professor Sarah B. Snyder, American University in Washington, DC, on her recently published book: “From Selma to Moscow: How Human Rights Activists ...
  • Unknown author (2019-05-08)
    The Department of Social Sciences and the Arab Institute for Women are hosting a lecture on Gender and Leadership by ABAAD Founder and Director Ghida Anani, who is listed by the World Bank as one of 10 Inspiring Women ...
  • Unknown author (2018-10-29)
    As part of the Imagine Workshop and Concert Series (IWCS), the Department of Communication Arts, in collaboration with The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW), is hosting a panel discussion titled: ...
  • Unknown author (2019-03-01)
    Gender equality is a critical issue – now more than ever. It is embodied in United Nations Sustainable Development. Goals as well as global movements such as #MeToo and others who are working to end inequalities, promoting ...
  • Sammouri, Wissam (2018-11-13)
    The Adnan Kassar School of Business is organizing a lecture by Dr. Wissam Sammouri titled: “Big Data Value for Marketers”. The lecture will cover the key concepts of data-driven digital marketing and growth hacking with ...
  • Hamoui, Omar (2019-02-07)
    This lecture is an evidence-based discussion that will guide people, young and old, on do's and don'ts to lead a long healthy life.
  • Abbas, Mohamad (2018-11-28)
  • Abdallah, Marcel (2018-10-30)
    The Department of Social Sciences is hosting a lecture titled: “How to Detect a Liar: Nonverbal Communication & Deception” by Dr. Marcel Abdallah, an expert on body language. Dr. Abdallah has 2 PhD degrees, one in ...
  • Abrahamian, Edmond (2018-10-31)
    The Department of Computer Science and Mathematics is hosting a lecture titled: “In the Trenches: Building a Machine-Learning Random Forest Classifier” by Dr. Edmond Abrahamian, principal data scientist at AT&T in Palo ...
  • Sartzetakis, Eftichios S. (2018-11-12)
    The Department of is hosting a lecture titled: “International Environmental Agreements and Trading Blocks - Can Issue Linkage Enhance Cooperation?” by Dr. Eftichios S. Sartzetakis, Professor of Environmental Economics, ...
  • Bou Maroun, Sarah; Obeid, Hiba (2018-11-26)

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