NMR studies of pi molecular complexes in iron porphyrins

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dc.contributor.author Kabbani, Ahmad T.
dc.date.accessioned 2018-08-13T09:23:55Z
dc.date.available 2018-08-13T09:23:55Z
dc.date.copyright 1979 en_US
dc.date.issued 2018-08-13
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10725/8313
dc.description.abstract Proton and carbon-13 NMR shifts and linewidths of a series of synthetic high-spin ferric porphyrin were investigated upon the addition of various aromatic pi acceptors and donors. The interactions are described by the formation of 1:1 adducts. Thermodynamics of the complex chloro(Tetraphenylporphyrin)-iron (3)/1,3,5-trinitrobenzene are indicative of pi-pi peripheral contact of the aromatic substrate with the porphyrin. Successful use of NMR was made to demonstrate the utility of intramolecular dipolar relaxation, induced at proton and carbon-13 of trinitrobenzene resonance by the ferric ion, in the determination of the solution structure of the pi molecular complex chloro(tetraphenylporphyrin) iron(3)/1,3,5-trinitrobenzene. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title NMR studies of pi molecular complexes in iron porphyrins en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.author.degree PHD en_US
dc.author.school SAS en_US
dc.author.idnumber 198029470 en_US
dc.author.department Natural Sciences en_US
dc.description.embargo N/A en_US
dc.keywords Iron Compound en_US
dc.keywords Nuclear magnetic resonance en_US
dc.keywords Porphyrins en_US
dc.keywords Atomic structure en_US
dc.keywords Carbon 13 en_US
dc.keywords Line spectra en_US
dc.keywords Molecular relaxation en_US
dc.keywords Nitrobenzenes en_US
dc.keywords Protons en_US
dc.keywords Shift en_US
dc.keywords Thermodynamics en_US
dc.keywords Trinitro compounds en_US
dc.keywords Molecular structure en_US
dc.description.bibliographiccitations Includes bibliographical references en_US
dc.identifier.ctation Kabbani, A. T. (1979). NMR studies of pi molecular complexes in iron porphyrins. en_US
dc.author.email akabbani@lau.edu.lb en_US
dc.identifier.tou http://libraries.lau.edu.lb/research/laur/terms-of-use/articles.php en_US
dc.identifier.url http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1979PhDT........17K en_US
dc.publisher.institution California University en_US
dc.author.affiliation Lebanese American University en_US

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