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  • Toukan, Amjad (2017-07-13)
    There are several reasons why a firm would want to pay a bribe to a high-level official when bidding for a large scale project. One reason is to induce the corrupt official and/or his agent to manipulate their evaluation ...
  • Toukan, Amjad; Skaperdas, Sterigios; Vaidya, Samarth (2017-04-07)
    We explore the equilibrium properties of two types of “difference-form” persuasion contest functions derived in Skaperdas and Vaidya in which contestants spend resources to persuade an audience. We find that both types of ...
  • Toukan, Amjad (2016-12-14)
    I examine the case where a firm bids on a private contract. To win the award, the firm may choose to comply with a demand by the corrupt manager for a share of the value of the project to avoid being excluded from trade. ...
  • Toukan, Amjad (2016-02-16)
    This paper examines the decision to go public in the presence of large and dispersed shareholders. The decision to go public and the shape of the ownership structure itself depend on the particular combination of concentrated ...
  • Toukan, Amjad (2016-05-26)
    In the Heckscher-Ohlin world, Rybczynski theorem predicts that holding product prices constant, an increase in the relative supply of a factor increases the relative output of the good that uses that factor intensively so ...
  • Toukan, Amjad (2016-12-14)
    Interested in how does the quality of governance in a country affect the ratio of the value added share of capital intensive goods to the value added share of labor intensive goods, I am testing the hypothesis that the ...

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