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  • Ramadan, Zahy (2019-09-24)
    Purpose The notion of luxury has changed due to the democratization and the fast adoption pace of intangible luxury service providers embedding voice-controlled assistants. In particular, Amazon’s Echo Look is expected ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy (2018-11-29)
    Purpose Brands have been progressively using social networking sites, namely, Facebook, as part of their strategy to engage their consumers and ultimately build long-term relationships with them. Nonetheless, with the ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy; Farah, Maya F.; El Essrawi, Lea (2021-01-05)
    The trend of incorporating assistive conversational agents into people's lives has followed the unprecedented expansion in the usage of artificial intelligence (AI). Amazon, in particular, has been a key trendsetter in ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy (2018-11-29)
    Purpose China is establishing a social credit rating system with the aim to score the trust level of citizens. The scores will be based on an integrated database that includes a vast range of information sources, rating ...
  • Farah, Maya F.; Ramadan, Zahy (Association for Consumer Research., 2018-05-08)
    The Amazon Dash Button technology allows customers to remotely reorder products by the mere press of a button. To investigate the impact of this tech disruption on the consumer journey, a survey was completed by 630 U.S. ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy; Abosag, Ibrahim (Springer, 2018-11-30)
    Social media today is highly sought after by marketers as it is being hailed as the turning point in how brands will be marketed (Owyang et al. 2009; Qualman 2010; Li and Bernoff 2011). Nonetheless, a careful evaluation ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy; Farah, Maya F.; Dukenjian, Armig (2018-11-29)
    Purpose Luxury brands tend to be hesitant in adopting social media. This matter has created an imminent need to understand the different types of online luxury followers so as to help luxury brands communicate effectively ...
  • Ramadan, Zahy; Abosag, Ibrahim; Baker, Tom (2018-12-04)

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