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  • Beyrouti, Nouri; Hejase, Ale Jose; Raslan, Mohammad; Hamdar, Bassam; Hejase, Hussin Jose (2018-03-16)
    Business ethics is one of the most discussed topics in this millennium, and one of the most conflicting subjects. Unfortunately, people nowadays believe that ethics is not related to any type of religion, but is a habit ...
  • Beyrouti, Nouri; Hejase, Hussin J.; Hamdar, Bassam; Haddad, Ziad; Chaaya, Mariam; Hejase, Ale J. (2016-05-20)
    Skilled Lebanese are found all over the world succeeding in every endeavor, and providing benefits for their environment and community. However, the situation of the same talented people when operating inside Lebanon is ...
  • Maraouch, Fadila; Hamdar, Bassam; Hejase, Hussin Jose (2017-10-12)
    Background: The recurring dilemma encountered by the academic programs in the Hospitality Management field is how applicable these programs are to the realities of the job market. That is, matching academic preparation ...
  • Hejase, Hussin J.; Haddad, Ziad; Hamdar, Bassam; Al Ali, Rola; Hejase, Ale J.; Beyrouti, Nouri (2016-05-20)
    For many companies today, the environments in which they operate have changed dramatically over the last decades. The atmosphere of corporate environment relies heavily on aspects concerning its workers and in particular ...

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