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  • Mroueh, Mohamad; Faour, Wissam H.; Daher, Costantine; Haddad, Haytham (2015-10-23)
    Introduction: Impairments in neuroendocrine regulation of food intake and postprandial satiety are leading causes to obesity. Ghrelin peptide is a GI hormone known to increase food intake partly through induction of growth ...
  • Mroueh, Mohamad; Daher, Costantine; Hariri, Essa; Demirdjian, Sally; Isber, Samih; Choi, Eun Sang; Mirtamizdoust, Babak; Hammud, Hassan H. (2015-12-16)
    The dinuclear complex bis[(μ2-chloro)chloro(1,10-phenanthroline)copper(II)] (1) was synthesized, and characterized by X-ray, FTIR and thermal analysis. The fitting of magnetic susceptibility and magnetization curve of (1) ...
  • Taleb, Robin I.; Najm, Paul; Shebaby, Wassim; Boulos, Joelle C.; Demirdjian, Sally; Hariri, Essa; El-Sibai, Mirvat; Daher, Costantine; Mroueh, Mohamad
    Daucus carota ssp. carota, also known as wild carrot, is a commonly used herb in Lebanese folk medicine to treat several ailments including cancer. Previous studies in our laboratories showed that the Daucus carota oil ...

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