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  • Malki, Abderrahim; Le, Hai-Tuong; Milles, Sigrid; Kern, Renee; Caldas, Teresa; Abdallah, Jad; Richarme, Gilbert
    The acid stress chaperones HdeA and HdeB of Escherichia coli prevent the aggregation of periplasmic proteins at acidic pH. We show in this report that they also form mixed aggregates with proteins that have failed to be ...
  • Kthiri, Fatoum; Le, Hai-Tuong; Tagourti, Jihen; Kern, Renee; Malki, Abderrahim; Caldas, Teresa; Abdallah, Jad; Landoulsi, Ahmed; Richarme, Gilbert
    Escherichia coli contains two thioredoxins, Trx1 and Trx2, and a thioredoxin-like protein, YbbN, which presents a strong homology in its N-terminal part with thioredoxins, and possesses a 20 kDa C-terminal part of unknown ...
  • Abdallah, Jad; Caldas, Teresa; Kthiri, Fatoum; Kern, Renee; Richarme, Gilbert
    YhbO is a member of the DJ-1/ThiJ/Pfp1 superfamily, which includes chaperones, peptidases, and the Parkinson's disease protein DJ-1. A yhbO-disrupted mutant of Escherichia coli is highly sensitive to oxidative, thermal, ...

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