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  • Farra, Anna; Zeenny, Rony; Nasser, Soumana; Asmar, Nadia; Milane, Aline; Bassil, Maya; Haidar, Mona; Habre, Maha; Zeeni, Nadine; Hoffart, Nancy
    Background: The Lebanese American University has a well-functioning inter-professional education (IPE) programme; this is a fundamental pedagogical approach in healthcare education in which students from different professions ...
  • Bassil, Maya; Daher, Costantine F.; Mroueh, Mohammad; Zeeni, Nadine (2016-04-21)
    Background Salvia libanotica (S. Libanotica) is a commonly used herb in folk medicine in Lebanon and the Middle East. The present study aimed to assess the scientific basis for the therapeutic use of S. libanotica in ...
  • Zeeni, Nadine; Bassil, Maya; Nasser, Soumana; Milane, Aline; Habre, Maha; Khazen, Georges; Asmar, Nadia; Hasbini-Danawi, Tala; Farra, Anna; Zeeenny, Rony; Hoffart, Nancy
    The Lebanese American University Interprofessional Education (LAU IPE) Steps Framework consists of a five-step workshop-based series that is offered throughout the curriculum of health and social care students at an ...

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