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  • Alwan, Ahmad; Youhanna, Sonia C.; Platt, Daniel E.; El-Sibai, Mirvat; Yerezian, Joumana S.; Deeb, Mary E.; Khazen, Georges; Saade, Stephanie; Zreik, Tony G.; El Bayeh, Hamid; Maalouf, Assaad; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Abchee, Antoine (2015-12-17)
    Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a complex disease with various components, genetic as well as environmental. Previous reports correlating ALOX5AP gene variants and CAD showed conflicting results depending on the population ...
  • El-Sibai, Mirvat; Platt, Daniel E.; Haber, Marc; Xue, Yali; Youhanna, Sonia C.; Wells, R. Spencer; Izaabel, Hassan; Sanyoura, May F.; Harmanani, Haidar; Bonab, Maziar Ashrafian; Behbehani, Jaafar; Hashwa, Fuad; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Zalloua, Pierre A.; The Genographic Consortium (2015-11-04)
    We have examined the male-specific phylogeography of the Levant and its surroundings by analyzing Y-chromosomal haplogroup distributions using 5874 samples (885 new) from 23 countries. The diversity within some of these ...
  • Haber, Marc; Platt, Daniel E.; Badro, Danielle A.; Xue, Yali; El-Sibai, Mirvat; Bonab, Maziar Ashrafian; Youhanna, Sonia C.; Saade, Stephanie; Soria-Hernanz, David F.; Royyuru, Ajay; Wells, R. Spencer; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Zalloua, Pierre A. (2017-08-10)
    Cultural expansions, including of religions, frequently leave genetic traces of differentiation and in-migration. These expansions may be driven by complex doctrinal differentiation, together with major population migrations ...
  • Khazen, Georges; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Badro, Danielle A.; Douaihy, Bouchra; Haber, Marc; Youhanna, Sonia C.; Salloum, Angélique; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Johnsrud, Brian (2016-03-17)
    The Middle East was a funnel of human expansion out of Africa, a staging area for the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution, and the home to some of the earliest world empires. Post LGM expansions into the region and subsequent ...

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