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  • Milane, Aline; Abdallah, Jad; Kanbar, Roy; Khazen, Georges; Saad, Aline; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Salloum, Angelique K.; Youhanna, Sonia; Saad, Aline; El Bayeh, Hamid; Chammas, Elie; Platt, Daniel E.; Hager, Jorg; Gauguier, Dominique; Zalloua, Pierre (2017-04-11)
    The onset of coronary artery disease (CAD) is influenced by cardiovascular risk factors that often occur in clusters and may build on one another. The objective of this study is to examine the relationship between hypertension ...
  • Deeb, Mary E.; Khazen, Georges; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Platt, Daniel E.; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Cazier, Jean-Baptiste; Kamatani, Yoichiro; Salloum, Angelique K.; Hager, Jo¨rg; Youhanna, Sonia (2016-11-23)
    A main underlying pathology of coronary artery disease is the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries supplying blood to the heart that leads to stenosis and myocardial infarction. We tested if dyslipidemia is a risk ...
  • Hager, Jorg; Kamatani, Yoichiro; Cazier, Jean-Baptiste; Youhanna, Sonia; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Platt, Daniel E.; Abchee, Antoine B.; Romanos, Jihane; Khazen, Georges; Othman, Raed; Badro, Danielle A.; Haber, Marc; Salloum, Angelique K.; Zalloua, Pierre A. (2016-03-17)
    The manifestation of coronary artery disease (CAD) follows a well-choreographed series of events that includes damage of arterial endothelial cells and deposition of lipids in the sub-endothelial layers. Genome-wide ...
  • Abchee, Antoine; El-Sibai, Mirvat; Youhanna, Sonia; Yeretzian, Joumana S.; Hanine, Estephan; Makhoul, Nadine J.; Puzantian, Houry; Sawaya, Jaber; Nasrallah, Antoine; Rebeiz, Abdallah G.; Zreik, Tony G.; Azar, Sami T.; Zalloua, Pierre A. (2017-07-27)
    Background: Mutations in genes regulating lipid metabolism, vasoactivity, and coagulation are important modulators of coronary artery disease (CAD). Objective: This study investigated the association between allelic ...
  • Merhi, Mahmoud; Demirdjian, Sally; Hariri, Essa; Sabbah, Nada; Youhanna, Sonia; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Naoum, Joseph; Haber, Marc; Kanbar, Roy; Zalloua, Pierre; Khazen, Georges (2016-03-17)
    Background The role of inflammation in coronary artery disease (CAD) pathogenesis is well recognized. Moreover, smoking inhalation increases the activity of inflammatory mediators through an increase in leukotriene synthesis ...
  • El-Khazen, Georges; Zalloua, Pierre A.; Saade, Stephanie; Cazier, Jean-Baptiste; Ghassibe-Sabbagh, Michella; Youhanna, Sonia; Badro, Danielle A.; Kamatani, Yoichiro (2016-03-17)
    Genome wide association studies (GWAS) and their replications that have associated DNA variants with myocardial infarction (MI) and/or coronary artery disease (CAD) are predominantly based on populations of European or ...

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