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  • Nour, Chadi; Stern, Ron J.; Takche, Jean (2016-04-08)
    We consider sets S С R satisfying a certain exterior sphere condition, and it is shown that under wedgedness of S, it coincides with φ-convexity. We also offer related improvements concerning the union of uniform closed ...
  • Takche, Jean; Ja'ja', Joseph (2018-04-17)
  • Nour, Chadi; Takche, Jean (2018-04-17)
    For a given multifunction, we provide proximal differentiability condition under which the equivalence between the interior sphere condition of each value of the multifunction and the interior sphere condition of its graph holds.
  • Nour, Chadi; Takche, Jean (2020-03-12)
    Let A ⊂ R n be a closed set and let S ⊂ R n be a set containing A. In this paper we study a new regularity class for A, called S-convexity, introduced by C. Nour, H. Saoud and J. Takche [Regularization via sets satisfying ...
  • Nour, Chadi; Takche, Jean (2016-03-30)
    We provide a new analytical proof for a strengthened version of the variable radius form of the union of closed balls conjecture. We also introduce a strong version of this conjecture and discuss its validity.
  • Takche, Jean; Ja'ja', Joseph (2016-04-08)
    The direct sum conjecture states that the multiplicative complexity of disjoint sets of bilinear computations is the sum of their separate multiplicative complexities. This conjecture is known to hold for only a few ...
  • Nour, Chadi; Stern, Ronald J.; Takche, Jean (2016-03-30)
    The exterior sphere condition is compared to proximal smoothness, and examples are provided, which show that the two properties are not necessarily equivalent. Then conditions are given under which equivalence holds, ...
  • Nour, Chadi; Stern, Ron J.; Takche, Jean (2016-03-30)

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