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  • Abu-Khzam, F.N.; Samatova, N.F.; Ostrouchov, G.; Langston, M.A.; Al Geist, G. (2018-04-24)
    It is well known that information retrieval, clustering and visualization can often be improved by reducing the dimensionality of high dimensional data. Classical techniques offer optimality but are much too slow for ...
  • Abu-Khzam, F.N.; Langston, M.A.; Suters, W.H. (IEEE, 2017-03-20)
    Summary form only given. Two kernelization methods for the vertex cover problem are investigated. The first, LP-kernelization has been in prior use and is known to produce predictable results. The second, crown reduction, ...
  • Abu-Khzam, F.N.; Zhang, Yun; Baldwin, N.E.; Chesler, E.J.; Langston, M.A.; Samatova, N.F. (IEEE, 2017-03-20)
    Graph-theoretical approaches to biological network analysis have proven to be effective for small networks but are computationally infeasible for comprehensive genome-scale systems-level elucidation of these networks. The ...
  • Abu-Khzam, F.N.; Langston, M.A. (IEEE, 2017-03-22)

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