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  • Lahoud, Antoine (Academie de Montpellier, Universite des Sciences et Techniques du Languedocc, 2017-06-01)
    Ce travail présente une mise au point de modèles d'environnement basés sur une procédure itérative qui évolue suivant quatre étapes interdépendantes : la récolte des données qui a fourni la base indispensable au choix des ...
  • Jaber, Shady (Lebanese American University, 2021-05-26)
    Painting in Islamic art witnessed a major development in the aftermath of the Mongol conquest in the middle of the thirteenth century. A new style matured toward the end of the fourteenth century after passing through a ...
  • Hamasni, Noura (Lebanese American University, 2022-04-28)
    Baths stood as one of the most significant public institutions found in Syria during the Islamic period. It was commonly known that baths structure grew from simple Roman and Byzantine models, yet they matured the most ...
  • Tarhini, Abbas A. (2011-04-08)
    Scheduling final exams for large numbers of courses and students in Liberal Arts Universities is an intractable problem. If scheduling is done manually by the University Registrar's Office, a huge number of complaints will ...
  • Kaouk, Abir (Lebanese American University, 2021-06-02)
    This thesis discusses the architecture decoration of the prayer of the madrasa al-Yusufia, the first madrasa in Granada, specifically the plasterwork. The madrasa was constructed under the Nasrid Sultan Yusuf I in 1394 by ...
  • Chamoun, Rachid G. (Union Institute & University, 2018-10-08)
    Beirut as a war torn city is going through a critical transformation and being stretched between two extremes: The Western /Mediterranean and The Arabian /Middle Eastern cultures presenting itself through multilayer of ...

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