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  • De Carlis, Luciano; Di Sandro, Stefano; Giacomoni, Alessandro; Slim, Abdallah; Lauterio, Andrea; Mangoni, Iacopo; Mihaylov, Plamen; Pirotta, Vincenzo; Aseni, Paolo; Rampoldi, Antonio (2019-06-11)
    Background: To date the selection of the best candidates for liver transplantation (LT) owing to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has been mainly based on tumor morphological characteristics (nodule diameter and number), ...
  • Giacomoni, Alessandro; Lauterio, Andrea; Slim, Abdallah O.; Vanzulli, Angelo; Calcagno, Antonella; Mangoni, Iacopo; Belli, Luca S.; De Gasperi, Andrea; De Carlis, Luciano (2019-06-11)
    The highest rate of complications characterizing the adult living donor liver transplantation (ALDLT) are due to biliary problems with a reported negative incidence of 22–64%. We performed 23 ALDLT grafting segments V–VIII ...
  • Slim, Abdallah; Garancini, Mattia; Di Sandro, Stefano; Mangoni, Iacopi; Lauterio, Andrea; Giacomoni, Alessandro; De Carlis, Luciano (2019-06-11)
    Purpose Laparoscopic hepatectomy (LH) is established as a safe and feasible surgical procedure for benign and malignant liver lesions showing many benefits in terms of short-term post-operative outcomes. Nevertheless, it ...
  • Aseni, Paolo; Lauterio, Andrea; Slim, Abdallah Omar; Giacomoni, Alessandro; Lamperti, Luca; De Carlis, Luciano (2019-06-11)
    We describe a modified technique of side-to-side cavo-cavostomy by Dacron interposition prosthesis during a super urgent liver transplantation. A liver graft from a deceased donor was immediately requested on a top priority ...
  • De Carlis, Luciano; Giacomoni, Alessandro; Lauterio, Andrea; Slim, Abdallah; Sammartino, Cinzia; Pirotta, Vincenzo; Collela, Giovanni; Forti, Domencio (2019-06-11)
    Liver transplantation (LTx) is the best treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), but should be offered only to selected patients. The usual procedure is to transplant only for small and unilobular tumors. The aim of ...
  • Lauterio, Andrea; Slim, Abdallah; Aseni, Paolo; Giacomoni, Alessandro; Si Sandro, Stephano; Corso, Rocco; Mangoni, Iacopo; Mihaylov, Plamen; Al Kofahi, Mohammed; Pirotta, Vincenzo; De Carlis, Luciano (2019-06-12)
    Biliary complications continue to be a major cause of morbidity after split-liver transplantation (SLT). In this report we describe an uncommon late biliary complication. One year after SLT the patient showed an intrahepatic ...
  • Slim, Abdallah; Lauterio, Andrea; Giacomoni, Alessandro; Mangoni, Iacopo; Mihaylov, Plamen; Di Sandro, Stefano; Tripepi, Matteo; Poli, Cinzia; Lamperti, Luca (2019-06-12)

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