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  • Overman, Micheal; Fogelman, David; Al-Kali, Aref; Crane, Christopher; Evans, Douglas; Abdalla, Eddie; Pisters, Peter; Kopetz, Scott; Eng, Cathy; Wolff, Robert (2015-11-17)
    We report 5 cases in which the recurrence of colorectal cancer (CRC) presented as a mass involving the duodenum and pancreas. The treatment approach for such recurrences is not standardized, and in particular, the benefits ...
  • Ribero, David; Wang, Huamin; Donadon, Matteo; Zorzi, Daria; Thomas, Melanie; Eng, Cathy; Chang, David; Curley, Steven; Abdalla, Eddie; Ellis, Lee; Vauthey, Nicolas (2015-11-16)
    BACKGROUND. The current study evaluated the effect of bevacizumab added to fluoropyrimidine-plus-oxaliplatin (5FU/OX) chemotherapy for colorectal liver metastases (CLM) on the pathologic response and nontumorous liver ...
  • Vauthey, Nicolas; Pawlik, Timothy; Ribero, Dario; Wu, Tsung-Teh; Zorzi, Daria; Hoff, Paulo; Xiong, Henry; Eng, Cathy; Lauwers, Gregory; Mino-Kenudson, Mari; Risio, Mauro; Muratore, Andrea; Capussotti, Lorenzo; Curley, Steven; Abdalla, Eddie (2015-11-12)
    Purpose Chemotherapy before resection of hepatic colorectal metastases (CRM) may cause hepatic injury and affect postoperative outcome. Patients and Methods Four hundred six patients underwent hepatic resection of CRM ...
  • Pawlik, Timothy; Scoggins, Charles; Zorzi, Daria; Abdalla, Eddie; Andres, Axel; Eng, Cathy; Curley, Steven; Loyer, Evelyne; Muratore, Andrea; Mentha, Gilles; Capussotti, Lorenzo; Vauthey, Nicolas (2015-11-11)
    Objective: To evaluate the influence of surgical margin status on survival and site of recurrence in patients treated with hepatic resection for colorectal metastases. Methods: Using a multicenter database, 557 ...
  • Brouquet, Antoine; Abdalla, Eddie; Kopetz, Scott; Garrett, Christopher; Overman, Micheal; Eng, Cathy; Andreou, Andreas; Loyer, Evelyne; Madoff, David; Curley, Steven; Vauthey, Jean-Nicolas (2015-11-19)
    Purpose Prolonged survival after two-stage resection (TSR) of advanced colorectal liver metastases (CLM) may be the result of selection of best responders to chemotherapy. The impact of complete resection in this well-selected ...
  • Blazer III, Dan; Kishi, Yoji; Maru, Dipen; Shin Chun, Yun; Overman, Micheal; Fogelman, David; Eng, Cathy; Chang, David; Wang, Huamin; Zorzi, Daria; Ribero, Dario; Ellis, Lee; Glover, Katrina; Wolff, Robert; Curley, Steven; Abdalla, Eddie; Vauthey, Nicolas (2015-11-16)
    Purpose The primary goal of this study was to evaluate whether pathologic response to chemotherapy predicts patient survival after preoperative chemotherapy and resection of colorectal liver metastases (CLM). The secondary ...
  • Abdalla, Eddie; Eng, Cathy; Madary, Alice; Vauthey, Nicolas (2015-11-12)
  • Chun, Yun Shin; Vauthey, Nicolas; Ribero, Dario; Donadon, Matteo; Mullen, John; Eng, Cathy; Madoff, David; Chang, David; Ho, Linus; Kopetz, Scott; Wei, Steven; Curley, Steven; Abdalla, Eddie (2015-11-12)
    Background Two-stage hepatectomy has been proposed for patients with bilateral colorectal liver metastases (CLM). The aim of this study was to compare the outcome of patients with CLM treated with preoperative chemotherapy ...

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