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  • El Hayek, Toni; Sirvent, Nicolas; Fisher, Florence; Appert, Annie; Giudicelli, Henri; Griffet, Jacques (2016-09-20)
    Resistance to activated protein C (RPCA) and other congenital prethrombotic disorders have been recently reported to be strongly associated with Legg-Perthes disease. RPCA and deficiencies of protein C. protein S. and ...
  • El Hayek, Toni; Griffet, Jacques; Leroux, Julien; Boudjouraf, Nouar; Abou-Daher, Ahmad (2016-09-22)
    Purpose Tibial fractures in the skeletally immature patient are usually treated without surgery. Elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) is commonly used for other diaphyseal fracture locations. Its advantages are ...
  • El Hayek, Toni; Abou Daher, Ahmad; Meouchy, Wissam; Ley, Paul; Chammas, Nizar; Griffet, Jacques (2016-09-21)
    New properties are being modified in the external fixator instrumentation that are leading to the more indicated use of this type of fixation especially in children's lower limb fractures. Dynamization, the ability to ...
  • El Hayek, Toni; Griffet, Jacques; Leroux, Julien (2016-09-22)
    A case of caudal regression syndrome in which rehabilitation was obtained by lumbopelvic distraction and stabilization with external fixation Orthofix® is presented. The objective of the study is to describe the benefit ...
  • El Hayek, Toni; Rubio, Amandine S.; Griffet, Jacques R.; Caci, Herve; Berard, Etienne; Boutte, Patrick (2016-09-21)
    Postural deformities are frequent in neonates. The moulded baby syndrome (MBS) comprises one or more of the following disorders: plagiocephaly, torticollis, congenital scoliosis, pelvic obliquity, adduction contracture of ...
  • El Hayek, Toni; D'Ollone, Thomas; Rubio, Amandine; Lusakisimo, Simon; Griffet, Jacques (2019-05-14)
    A too-long anterior process of the calcaneus is one of the causes of repeated sprained ankles or painful feet in the child or adolescent that is often ignored and misdiagnosed. Among 31 cases of adolescents having consulted ...

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