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  • Kobeissy, Firas; Shaito, Abdullah; Kaplan, Abdullah; Baki, Lama; Hayek, Hassan; Dagher-Hamalian, Carole; Nehme, Ali (2019-05-23)
    Cigarette smoking (S) is a risk factor for progressive chronic kidney disease, renal dysfunction, and renal failure. In this study, the effect of smoking on kidney function was investigated in a mouse model of myocardial ...
  • Zeeni, Nadine; Dimassi, Hani; Faour, Wissam H.; Dagher-Hamalian, Carole (2017-02-28)
    Objective This study is aimed at evaluating the effects of a cafeteria diet (obesity) mouse model on early multi-organ functional, structural, endocrine and biochemical alterations. Materials and methods Multi-organ ...
  • Hanna, Rita; Nour-Eldine, Wared; Saliba, Youakim; Dagher-Hamalian, Carole; Hachem, Pia; Abou-Khalil, Pamela; Mika, Delphine; Varin, Audrey; El Hayek, Magali Samia; Pereira, Laëtitia; Fares, Nassim; Vandecasteele, Grégoire; Abi-Gerges, Aniella (2021-12-23)
    Aim Diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) accomodates a spectrum of cardiac abnormalities. This study aims to investigate whether DCM is associated with changes in cyclic adenosine 3′-5′ monophosphate (cAMP) signaling, particularly ...
  • Rawan, Zeitoun; Najjar, Fadia; Wehbi, Batoul; Khalil, Alia; Fayyad-Kazan, Mohammad; Dagher-Hamalian, Carole; Faour, Wissam H.; El-Makhour, Yolla (2019-05-23)
    Background: Propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees and known to possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory activities. Objective: This study is aimed at evaluating the in ...
  • Abi-Gerges, Aniella; Dagher-Hamalian, Carole; Abou-Khalil, Pamela; Chahine, Joe Braham; Hachem, Pia; Khalil, Christian (2020-09-15)
    Waterpipe smoking is a popular pastime worldwide with statistics pointing to an alarming increase in consumption. In the current paper, the evaluation of sub-chronic waterpipe smoke exposure was undertaken using C57BL/6 ...

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