Electronic transactions in Lebanon. (c2019)

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dc.contributor.author Sofia, Karim
dc.date.accessioned 2019-05-14T08:26:45Z
dc.date.available 2019-05-14T08:26:45Z
dc.date.copyright 2019 en_US
dc.date.issued 2019-05-14
dc.date.submitted 2019-02-18
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10725/10627
dc.description.abstract If the middle of the eighteenth century gave birth to the industrial revolution, the end of the twentieth has brought the telecommunication revolution upon us, and humanity witnessed the outburst of media and telecommunication spread to dominate all aspects of our lives. The ever-growing ripple effect of the introduction of the internet, smart phones, and social media still resonate nowadays and participate into the modernisation of our daily lives. This advancement has influenced the entire world and intervened in every aspect of the economy imposing its methods on the already established approaches and models. The offspring of both business and technology is the online business that is currently booming and evolving, interfering with our way of shopping, marketing, and consuming, this business needs a solid foundation to flourish and produce revenues and benefits for the economy and society. Apart from the fact that this type of business needs a technologically advanced infrastructure, it also needs a solid foundation in the Legal and Judicial systems. Lebanon has always been a pioneering country in the region when it comes to Legal advancement and it has always produced the best of Legal literature, and its judicial system is one of the last unbiased honorable systems in the region. Following its habit of excellence and despite their relative tardiness in keeping up with the international demarche, the Lebanese Legal environment can and should be ready to receive an update to accommodate to this new situation. During the realization of this thesis, the Lebanese Parliament crowned twenty years of efforts by finally passing the “Electronic transactions and personal data law” number 81 for the year 2018. The purpose of this study is to illuminate the dark corners of this field, highlighting the problems that might emerge in the daily use of this new business model, studying the new legislation and suggesting amendments and solutions where needed to insure its steady use and to capitalize on its benefits while eliminating its disadvantages. This study is based on the observations of a total of fifty-six Lebanese online stores or stores belonging to companies that do business in Lebanon prior to passing law number 81\2018. The main challenge highlighted in the second chapter of this study is the problem of the law that will be applicable on the parties and the contract especially with the absence of attribution rules in Lebanese Law; The third chapter examines the clear identification and capacity of the parties to contract under the applicable law; while the fourth chapter studies the sensitive topic of Internet crimes and consumer protection. The conclusion of this study is to cite the primitive state of the cyber space regulation in Lebanon and then highlight the benefits of investing in such field and the disadvantages of refraining from it in order to suggest the best solutions to this modern-day problem, while balancing regulation and freedom to contract to the best extent. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Lebanese American University -- Dissertations en_US
dc.subject Dissertations, Academic en_US
dc.subject Electronic data interchange -- Law and legislation -- Lebanon en_US
dc.subject Electronic commerce -- Law and legislation -- Lebanon en_US
dc.title Electronic transactions in Lebanon. (c2019) en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US
dc.title.subtitle legal challenges and opportunities en_US
dc.term.submitted Spring en_US
dc.author.degree Master of Laws (LLM) en_US
dc.author.school SOB en_US
dc.author.idnumber 201506453 en_US
dc.author.commembers Fakih, Khodr en_US
dc.author.commembers Tarhini, Abbas en_US
dc.author.department Information Technology And Operations Management en_US
dc.description.embargo N/A en_US
dc.description.physdesc 1 hard copy: xiv, 46 leaves; col. ill.; 30 cm. available at RNL. en_US
dc.author.advisor Melki, William en_US
dc.keywords Online business en_US
dc.keywords Online stores en_US
dc.keywords Online regulation en_US
dc.keywords Commercial law en_US
dc.keywords Electronic transactions and personal data law en_US
dc.description.bibliographiccitations Includes bibliographical references (leaves 42-44). en_US
dc.identifier.doi https://doi.org/10.26756/th.2019.126 en_US
dc.author.email karim.sofia@lau.edu en_US
dc.identifier.tou http://libraries.lau.edu.lb/research/laur/terms-of-use/thesis.php en_US
dc.publisher.institution Lebanese American University en_US
dc.author.affiliation Lebanese American University en_US

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