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Lebanese American University Repository (LAUR)

LAUR is an Open-Access digital archive for the scholarly output of the Lebanese American University community. Its mission is to preserve, showcase, and provide open access and international exposure to scholarship and research of LAU faculty, staff and graduate students. It also serves as an archive of historical and other materials that support the University's academic mission. LAUR objectives are to collect selected materials in a centralized, searchable, and highly visible location in order to maximize their access and visibility.

Depositing materials in LAUR is voluntary for faculty which are encouraged to make their work openly accessible to LAU community and the rest of the world while graduate students are required to deposit one print and one digital copy of their final master's thesis .

The repository currently includes all graduate students theses, and will include LAU's research reports, journal articles, book chapters, digital images, and any data which can be easily harvested by search engines such as Google. All theses published after 2003 are Open Access, while those published before 2003 are accessible via student authentication.



Communities in LAUR

Recently Added

  • Su, Chunhua; Kikuchi, Hiroaki (Springer, )
    In this paper, we address the correlation problem in the anonymization of transactional data streams. We propose a bucketization-based technique, entitled (k, l)-clustering to prevent such privacy breaches by ensuring that ...
  • Haraty, Ramzi A.; Haidar, Imane; Haidar, Ali Massoud (IEEE, )
    Security has always been a privilege for governments and banks, from the old Egyptian civilization to the latest technologies. Nowadays, security has become an essential part in our daily life; from protecting mobile chats ...
  • Haraty, Ramzi A.; Bitar, Georges
    Today, there is a great urge to “Go Green” in many facets in our life, such as reducing the consumption of energy and creating more eco-friendly products as a solution to reduce the crisis that we might face in the future. ...
  • Carr, Alan; O'Reilly, Gary; Walsh, Patricia Noonan; Mcevoy, John (Routledge, )
  • Haraty, Ramzi A.; Nasrallah, Rouba
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to propose a new model to enhance auto-indexing Arabic texts. The model denotes extracting new relevant words by relating those chosen by previous classical methods to new words using ...

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